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First of all, for the 3 or 4 people that actually follow my site, I apologize for my lack of new content recently.  The host service for my site decided that doubling the cost of my domain would be a good idea.  I have spent the last month and a half deciding whether or not to put forth the expense to continue to do something that very few people look at and appreciate.

Then I remembered that I didn’t start this website for anyone but me.  It’s great if anyone else reads it but ultimately, it lets me talk about something I enjoy above everything else…Disneyland.  So I decided to renew.  With that decision comes a renewed commitment to add content to the site more regularly than I did last year.  For the amount I was charged to continue, I’m going to make sure I get my monies worth.

So again, for the 3 of you that read this, get ready for new content every week.  I promise that I will make the time in my busy schedule to add at least one new page or post every week.  I’m actually going to shoot for 2 or 3.  I’m going to look into changing the layout of the site and the way I add content to it.

I also have plans this year to invest in some equipment to allow me to also put up high quality ride throughs of the rides at Disneyland on YouTube that I will link here on the site. This will require that I make a few “research” trips…but I’ll sacrifice for all my fans.

Again, thank you all for following and promoting the site.  I know it’s nothing absolutely amazing but it is intended to be a place where we can get together about our love of Disneyland.  If you have any topics you’d like covered in future posts or pages, comment here and I’ll see what we can do.

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