Sight or Sound?

2014-09-12 104616 - Disneyland Haunted Mansion Holiday Pumpkin ScarecrowOn the way home from my family’s last trip to Disneyland, my wife was studying in the car and trying not to get too far behind on her schoolwork after our trip.  During our conversation, somehow this questions came up: “What would be worse: to lose your sight or to lose your hearing?”.  The question came up as a “life in general” kind of thing, but I immediately put it into the context of Disneyland.

So here’s the break down the way I see it.  DSC_0321To lose your sight would mean that you would no longer be able see the Mark Twain go down the Rivers of America, you would no longer be able to see Neverland on Peter Pan’s Flight, you wouldn’t be able to see how Jack has wrecked the halls, or the view you get as you come through the tunnel into town square and look down the length of Main Street U.S.A. and see Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.  Let’s not forget, you wouldn’t be able to see the joy in your children’s eyes as they look around in amazement at everything around them.

Dapper DansNow, lets talk about losing your hearing.  You wouldn’t be able to hear the train whistle at Main Street Station, the music playing as you walk down Main Street, the Dapper Dans, the shrieks and screams from Big Thunder Mountain.  Let’s not forget, you wouldn’t be able to hear the laughter and excitement in your children’s voices as they have the best day ever.

For me, losing my vision is by far a worse proposition for me…at least if you think about it strictly from a Disneyland perspective.  I have been enough in my lifetime to “fill in the blanks” as it were and be able to still “hear” the things going on around me.  One of my fondest memories at Disneyland is with my son and it would not have existed for me if I couldn’t have seen it.

I would not wish either disability on anyone, but as a hypothetical question, what would be the worse sense for you to lose?  Your vision or your hearing?

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