Attractions of Yesterday

So I’ve decided that it would be kind of interesting to write about rides and attractions from Disneyland that no longer exist.  I know there’s several websites dedicated to this and I know I’m not going to break ground on this by any means.   It is possible however, that I pass on some information that you may not have known.  Maybe not…but what else are you going to do at work today?

So far, I have decided to write on the following:

  1. The Peoplemover
  2. The Skyway
  3. Country Bear Jamboree
  4. Carousel of Progress
  5. Adventures Through Inner Space
  6. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Submarine Voyage

There will be more, I’m sure.  But it’s a starting point.  Some of these rides I experienced for myself in my first couple of visits when I was younger.  Others, I experienced the replacements that are also in the history books.  Check back here for new posts on the Attractions of Yesterday.

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