I’m Back!!!

So I started this page back in 2014 because I needed something to do that wasn’t “work”. Turns out this was work. It was more work than I anticipated and took much more of my time to do the research and of course…..take trips to Disneyland. Living in Southern Arizona, that’s no small task.

Recently, with the insane price increases to the Disneyland Annual Passes, I have been considering not renewing. We’ll have a post specifically about why but for now, let’s just say I have been going back and forth on whether or not I will renew. With that being said, if I renew, I plan to get my money’s worth and will blog the heck out of every trip I do. I will plan 10-20 posts per trip so that I have content to provide for you.

After or when I decide that Disney has crossed a price line that I can’t follow them on, I’m sure I’ll still keep the blog to talk about news coming out of the park…but I won’t be able to make as many trips.

My family and I are also taking an 8 day WDW vacation this year between Christmas and over New Years, so there will be content there too. I have only spent one day at the Magic Kingdom in my life, so this will be a different adventure.

I plan to start a section of my blog dedicated to just my opinions on things that open or news or even rumors out of the park. A place where i’ll talk about things like the recent changes in the Annual Pass program and the rumors of Mickey’s Runaway Train coming to Toon Town in Disneyland.

Bottom line is that Disneyland is what I love talking about….so I’m going to do it again and take advantage of the platform I started 5 years ago.

Thank you and have a magical day!!!